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We've all become accustomed to kitchens that take center stage and serve as multi-purpose entertainment spaces. It's easy to forget that, historically speaking, the role of this room has only recently been elevated--until you see a kitchen like this one.

Rather than fitting its family's gregarious and open character, the room offered galley-tight workspaces, uninspired fixtures and surfaces, and scant daylighting from its single window. Cramped and cut off from the rest of the house, this kitchen felt more like a scullery than a gathering space.



The homeowners dream was to create a very different space--one where friends and family could come together and where the task of cooking and entertaining could become joyful, social and collaborative.

Given the constraints of a small yard, an addition wasn't an option--but it also wasn't necessary. It was clear we could make a transformative change simply by reconfiguring the existing interior. We removed connecting walls to the family room and sunroom, opening up the space, bringing in daylight from two additional directions and creating an intuitive flow through the rooms on the main floor.

We lifted the ceiling in the sunroom to bring in more light, put in a coffered ceiling just above the kitchen to give the room definition, showcased pieces from the homeowners' art collection, and worked with layers of light and color to reflect the family's personality.

The end result was a kitchen well equipped to facilitate family time, welcome a few friends or a host a full-fledged feast.